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Workshops and Groups offered by Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage

Animal Massage Training

In 2006, certified canine and equine massage therapist, Cindy Douphinette, owner of Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage, created and taught an Animal Massage Certification Training program for the Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork in Massachusetts. To receive certification, the program required 150 hours of course work including 100 hours of Animal Massage Foundation and the specialty course work in either Canine or Equine Animal Massage.

Corey FordThe Animal Massage Foundation Course introduced students to animal behaviors, methods of communication, and interoperation. Instruction in the hands-on use of Massage Therapy, Polarity, Craniosacral Therapy, and additional Holistic Therapies, provided students with the tools to care for the health of animals.

The Canine Animal Massage course offered students an introduction to Massage and Holistic Healing for Canines designed to allow the student to play a vital role in health maintenance, health care recovery, and communication with their canine partners. In addition to bodywork techniques, students learned palpation skills, proper nutrition, and exercise routines. The course work strongly emphasized canine anatomy and physiology and provided a review of holistic healing modalities. Students learned to observe the gaits of dogs, focusing on possible imbalances, and to apply treatment as needed. The course also offered training in business skills such as record keeping and building a successful canine massage practice.

The Equine Animal Massage course provided a similar focus for caring for equines and building an equine massage therapy practice.

You do not need certification to learn to massage your own dog or horse!

Although Cindy Douphinette no longer teaches for the Palmer Institute, she offers private and group animal massage training for canine and equine owners at Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage Therapy. Owners, who wish to deepen the bond with their pet, receive personal hands-on training for Small Animal Massage and/or Large Animal Massage without receiving certification.

Other Workshops and Groups offered by Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage

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