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Testimonials about Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage

Little did I realize just how fortunate I was to meet someone like Cindy Douphinette, whose expertise in therapeutic massage would make such a difference in my life. I came to Cindy seeking relief from a painful knee, nerve and muscle pain at the base of my neck extending across my shoulder and down my arm, lower back pain extending down my legs, years of abuse to my muscles, and extensive scar tissue as a result of lower back and neck surgeries, breast cancer surgery, as well a surgical removal of a non-cancerous mass at the base of my neck the size of a grapefruit.

In the time that I have been seeing Cindy, my knee is completely functional, the years of scar tissue are gradually being depleted, and she has enabled me to forgo additional surgery. Her advice and suggestions have been not only helpful but have made a difference in the range of motion I now have.

Cindy has impressive credentials but more importantly is her ability to implement her knowledge in such a positive and beneficial way. She instinctively knows which areas to concentrate on at any given time and her gentle manner elicits confidence and results in a positive gain to her clients.

I consider it a privilege to write a testimonial for someone who has had such a positive affect as I continue my journey toward wellness and health.

Frances Marie- Groveland

My husband is recovering from a brain aneurysm. He had paralysis on his right side and I needed to find a way to improve the weakness that remained after he returned home. He has gone for weekly massage therapy and balancing. Cindy has worked with us as a family and has passed along information for his therapists and doctors. We are a team of people who are working together to bring my husband back to his full strength. Cindy has found things before we have, and we were able to coordinate so that massage and physical therapy are working on the same areas with the same goals. We cannot say enough about Cindy. She brought the missing piece to our puzzle.

— Laurie, Groveland, MA

Cindy has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it.  She is a person with a rare gift of both superb massage techniques as well as a warm and calm spirit and has been spiritually, mentally and physically helpful to me.  Cindy is a peaceful woman filled with empathy and gentleness and much wisdom.  I have been happy to refer a number of friends to her and they have all expressed satisfaction with their positive results.  I have been her client for quite some time and would recommend that others treat themselves to this wonderful experience of massage therapy.

— Dot E., Groveland, MA

My experience with Cindy has been life changing.  Being a single parent and dealing with stress of everyday life, it appeared that pains I had were related to stress.  Cindy not only takes the time to help your muscles, but also empowers your mind to affect some changes.  As a dental hygienist, I have head, neck and shoulder pain.  With Cindy’s help, I have less discomfort.  Thank you Cindy.

— Kathy L., Groveland, MA

Like a great pianist with a wide variety of repertoire and styles to choose from, Cindy uses her hands to heal the body and mind and release the tension making you feel like a new creation.  I am thankful for all the gifts she brings to the massage table.

— Pat L., Haverhill, MA

Canine Testimonials

When my dog, Libby, suffered a hip injury after a beach romp with other dogs, I tried a multitude of practitioners from chiropractors to aqua doggie therapy to help her heal the damage that was done.  Although they all seemed to help a bit, nothing had long lasting effects and Libby was getting worn out with all the visits everywhere.  We decided to make one last effort with massage therapy.  With Cindy’s knowledgeable approach and her easy going manner, she bonded with Libby quickly.  My husband and I watched, amazed at how Libby actually “presented” Cindy with an area that she wanted work on first.  She continued in this manner taking different postures before Cindy, allowing her to work on whatever was the priority in that moment, according to Libby.  It was like watching some sort of “dog whisperer” thing right there in our living room…amazing!

Our family, including Libby would encourage anyone seeking help for their dog, cat or horse, to work with Cindy at Plum Grove Massage for her incredibly valuable services.

— S. T., Amesbury, MA

Equine Testimonials

My feeling about Cindy is that she is truly intuitive and a healer.  She has helped my Figure and Max tremendously.  She miraculously released Figure's hind end by working on his shoulder.  Truly amazing.  It makes complete sense to watch what she is able to do and hear from the horses, but it is still incredible to watch.  I find that Cindy listens to them in a way that shows true compassion and love for the animal.  With Max, Cindy was able to get him to tolerate a massage, in exchange for a mouth massage. Wow. Who would have thought he would have liked that so much!  Thank you for all you do, Cindy.

— Susan, Eliot, ME

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