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Rider/Horse Consultations from Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage

As a certified equine massage therapist and horse owner, Cindy Douphinette spends a great deal of time at barns and horse shows either riding or watching both horse and rider. She began to evaluate the horse and rider in terms of their movement as a team and in relationship to each other. She looked for symmetry and balance in the front and hind ends. Over the years, as she watched the movement of both horses and riders, she began to recognize the presence of patterns of imbalance. Her knowledge of the principles of equine movement and the anatomy of connective tissues, bones, and joints, led her to working with equestrians to determine the origin of any restrictions in the horse’s movement and the root cause of the restriction. For example, improper saddle fit often results in muscle imbalance with leads to restricted movement. Sometimes it is the rider who creates the movement restrictions. For example, a rider who leans to one side may create a gait imbalance.

Like humans, horses are susceptible to muscle strain and spasm. Poor conditioning and/or training may cause trauma. Different training disciplines stress different muscle sets and repetitive movements may cause injury and imbalances. The symptoms, once recognized, often lead to solutions offered by an equine massage therapist or other professional. For example, stretching and lengthening the muscles, relieves spasms, which in turn helps improve posture. Stretching and lengthening tendons and ligaments increases range of motion.

Massage and energy balancing techniques also keep horses healthy and happy so they can work in lesson programs and competitive arenas. Cindy, at Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage, works with riders and horses to improve posture, create freedom of movement, and to ease sore muscles before and after training sessions. She has developed a win-win formula for the horses and riders by working with them as a team. Massage and bodywork provide a winning combination that allows horses and riders to move with ease and grace in the show ring, on the trail, and in general.

Is your horse having balance problems? Is she dropping poles or taking short, choppy strides?
Contact Cindy at Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage to schedule a horse/rider consultation today.

The Services offered at Plum Grove Therapeutic Massage Therapy do not replace the need for proper veterinary or medical care. This practitioner does not make medical diagnoses, perform medical treatments or prescribe any form of medications. Please consult your veterinarian for specific diagnoses and treatments.

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