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Massage for Lyme Disease in Dogs And Horses
By Cindy Douphinette

My dog, Zuvee seemed to have injured his shoulder. He hobbled about for a couple of days. He did not want to be petted. I really began to worry when he became very “lazy”. He did not bark at people as they approached the house. He seemed excessively sleepy. He even gave up playing ball, a sure sign that something was wrong!  A trip to the vet confirmed my suspicion that he might have Lyme disease.

My horse, Plum stopped enjoying her daily riding routine. She seemed to be “off”, but had no outward signs of specific lameness. First her right hind leg seemed sore, then her left front, or was it the right front? She began to lose weight rapidly. When it came time to be groomed for a lesson, she was cranky and did not seem to enjoy the attention. As with the dog giving up his ball, Plum not enjoying the attention from the children, was alarming. The vet confirmed Lyme disease for her as well.

Not all animals that have been exposed to the Lyme bacteria will develop the disease. In fact, only 10% of animals exposed to the bacteria will have symptoms. Your veterinarian can order blood tests to help confirm the diagnosis. He/She will prescribe antibiotics to reduce the bacterial count.

There are complimentary therapies as well.

Do you know that massage is another important treatment?  Massage will restore joint flexibility, clear the metabolic wastes and support the musculoskeletal system during healing. The immune system is strengthened and through touch, any return of symptoms is recognized early.

I am happy to report that Zuvee has finished his antibiotics and is enjoying weekly massages. He greets guests at the door and plays ball every day. Plum received antibiotic treatment daily for 3 months and massages twice a week. She has gained weight and is back to her role “Lesson Horse Extraordinaire” Her pleasant attitude has returned and she looks forward to her riding and grooming sessions.

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